Major Events
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Major Events


Secretary for Administration and Justice Chan Hoi Fan leads a delegation to Beijing for the first round of discussions regarding judicial assistance for surrender of fugitives from justice. Good progress is achieved.


Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo Arrais do Rosario reveals that construction of the Light Rapid Transit depot is seriously delayed, and will be unable to commence operation even once construction of the line is completed. Chief Executive Chui Sai On signs an executive order to regulate the licensing of petroleum product imports, which comes into effect on 16 February 2015.


The Macau Government Tourist Office announces that four new routes for the “Step Out, Experience Macau’s Communities” programme will be launched on 16 February. The four existing routes will also be redesigned, to provide a total of eight walking routes for visitors to choose from.


Chief Executive Chui Sai On meets with Secretary of the CPC Zhuhai Committee, Li Jia. Both parties recognise that the establishment of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone will bring better opportunities for cooperation between the two regions.


The Government formulates a draft amendment to By-law No. 3/2014 (Urban Planning Committee), which proposes dissolution of the secretariat of the Urban Planning Committee. Administrative and technical support to the committee will be provided by the Lands, Public Works and Transport Bureau.


During the Lunar New Year, many visitors come to Macao. The police deploy extra manpower to ensure public order, and adopt a series of measures, including the first implementation of crowd control along Almeida Ribeiro Avenue, for four hours, and enforcement of pedestrian traffic control at the Ruins of St Paul’s, to effectively divert pedestrians. According to preliminary statistics of the Macau Government Tourist Office, 1,088,579 visitors (including foreign employees and students) arrived in Macao from the first to seventh days of the Lunar New Year, representing a 3.3 percent year-on-year increase, with 819,266 of these visitors from mainland China, representing an increase of 5.6 percent year-on-year.