Chief Executive

Mr Chui Sai On

President of the Legislative Assembly

Mr Ho Iat Seng

President of the Court of Final Appeal

Mr Sam Hou Fai

Secretary for Administration and Justice

Ms Chan Hoi Fan

Secretary for Economy and Finance

Mr Leong Vai Tac

Secretary for Security

Mr Wong Sio Chak

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture

Mr Tam Chon Weng

Secretary for Transport and Public Works

Mr Raimundo Arrais do Rosario

Commissioner Against Corruption

Mr Cheong Weng Chon

Commissioner of Audit

Mr Ho Veng On

Commissioner-General of the Unitary Police Service

Mr Ma Io Kun

Director-General of the Macao Customs Service

Mr Vong Iao Lek

Public Prosecutor-General

Mr Ip Son Sang

Members (by Indirect Vote)

Mr Ho Iat Seng (President)

Mr Lam Heong Sang (Vice-President)

Mr Chui Sai Cheong (First Secretary)

Mr Kou Hoi In (Second Secretary)

Mr Cheung Lup Kwan

Mr Leonel Alberto Alves

Mr Chan Chak Mo 

Mr Cheang Chi Keong

Mr Chui Sai Peng

Mr Chan Iek Lap

Ms Chan Hong

Ms Lei Cheng I


Members (by Direct Vote)

Ms Kwan Tsui Hang

Mr Ng Kuok Cheong

Mr Au Kam San 

Mr Jose Maria Pereira Coutinho

Ms Leong On Kei

Mr Chan Meng Kam

Mr Mak Soi Kun

Mr Ho Ion Sang

Ms Chan Mei Yi

Mr Leong Veng Chai

Mr Zheng Anting

Mr Si Ka Lon

Ms Wong Kit Cheng

Ms Song Pek Kei


Members (Appointed by the Chief Executive)

Mr Fong Chi Keong

Mr Tsui Wai Kwan

Mr Vong Hin Fai

Mr Lau Veng Seng

Mr Sio Chi Wai

Mr Tong Io Cheng

Mr Ma Chi Seng

Members of the Council

Ms Chan Hoi Fan

Mr Leong Heng Teng

Mr Leonel Alberto Alves

Mr Cheang Chi Keong

Mr Chan Meng Kam

Mr Chan Chak Mo

Mr Liu Chak Wan

Mr Ma Iao Lai

Ms Ho Sut Heng

Mr Wong Yue Kai

Mr Lam Kam Seng