Macao Yearbook 2021

The Chinese, Portuguese and English electronic edition of Macao Yearbook 2021, which is compiled by the Government Information Bureau (GCS) of the Macao SAR, is published today (5 November).

The Macao Yearbook is a comprehensive chronicle. It outlines major events, details of progress achieved, and changes made in the course of Macao’s political, economic, social and cultural development, with the aim of promoting Macao and providing detailed information and data for all who wish to study and understand Macao.

Published annually since 2002, the Macao Yearbook is available in Chinese, Portuguese and English. It is divided into four sections: Administrative Priorities of the MSAR Government; Calendar of Events; Review of the MSAR and Appendices. This year’s Chinese edition comprises 572 pages with about 242,000 words, Portuguese edition 720 pages, and English edition 662 pages; the yearbook is enriched by 218 photographs.

Consisting of 15 chapters, the Review of the MSAR in 2020 presents information on the political and administrative system; legal and judicial system; external relations; economy; tourism; public order; education; culture and sport; health and social welfare; media, communications and information technology; land, infrastructure, housing and public utilities; transport; geography, environment and population; religion and customs; and history.

Since 2016, the Chinese, Portuguese and English editions of the Macao Yearbook is no longer available in print versions in response to the growing popularity of online reading and the need for environmental protection. The yearbook is now available in digital version only.

The e-edition of the Macao Yearbook 2021 has been uploaded to the website of GCS. Interested readers may go to the website ( or download the following App to browse the latest edition of the Macao Yearbook.