Major Events
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Major Events


Around 1,800 people and 47 vehicles participate in a demonstration initiated by 13 organisations, to express grievances to the Government. The Public Security Police deploy nearly 180 officers to maintain public order. An inter-departmental operation is conducted, for redemption of a 1,000-square-metre plot of land at Doca Lam Mau. The land is earmarked for developing public housing, and is expected to accommodate about 100 T2 housing units.


The Government decides to donate 20 million patacas to the Government of Nepal, to support its post-quake reconstruction and relief for disaster victims.


Chief Executive Chui Sai On meets with Secretary of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Ma Xingrui, to exchange views on deepening and enhancing cooperation between the two regions. Law enforcement authorities of Macao and Zhongshan – including Macao Customs, Zhongshan Public Security Bureau and Zhongshan Tobacco Monopoly Bureau – launch a joint operation to tackle illegal trade in tobacco, and confiscate contraband cigarettes and cigars worth approximately 10 million patacas. This is the largest case to be jointly solved by Macao Customs, Zhongshan Police Force and tobacco control law enforcement authorities.


The official website of the Chief Executive’s Office launches a new column – “Words from the Chief Executive”, adopting a new approach in which the Chief Executive shares his thoughts with the public in his own voice, including his perceptions of social, economic and livelihood issues.


The 2015 Guangzhou-Macao Cooperation Task Force meeting is held in Macao. Two agreements are signed regarding Research on Cooperation and Development of the Convention and Exhibition Industry in Guangzhou and Macao, and Cooperation in Joint Promotion of Employment and Entrepreneurship of Young People in Guangzhou and Macao.


Chief Executive Chui Sai On leads a delegation to Wuhan, Hubei province, to attend the opening ceremony of the 9th Central China Investment and Trade Expo. Chief Executive Chui Sai On meets the Secretary of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee, Li Hongzhong, to exchange views on economic, trade and cultural cooperation between the two regions.


Vice Premier Wang Yang meets Chief Executive Chui Sai On. He is happy to witness the foundation for Macao’s long-term development, which will lead to a bright future.


A large-scale tourism promotion event, “Experience Macao – Fujian”, is launched in Fuzhou. Chief Executive Chui Sai On, Fujian Governor Su Shulin and other guests officiate at the opening ceremony. The Transport Bureau commences the public bidding process for 200 taxi licences, which are valid for eight years.


Carmo Health Centre at Lakeside Garden officially opens and becomes operational.


In view of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome cases in South Korea, the Health Bureau implements a series of new measures, including mandatory body temperature monitoring for travellers arriving on flights from Korea. On 8 June, the Health Bureau raises their epidemic response level to “high-level alert”. The Tourism Crisis Management Office disseminates a press release, reminding local residents not to travel to South Korea unless necessary. All tours to South Korea in June are cancelled.