Major Events
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Major Events


Secretary for Administration and Justice Chan Hoi Fan leads a delegation to Beijing to meet with representatives of the China Food and Drug Administration, the State Forestry Administration and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, for enhancing communications and cooperation. Chief Executive Chui Sai On publishes an executive order to establish a 24-hour border checkpoint at the Coloane Pier for passengers entering and leaving Macao by pleasure boats.


Chief Executive Chui Sai On meets with the Chairman of China National Tourism Administration (NTA), Li Jinzao, to exchange views on developing Macao as a world tourism and leisure centre. The Government and the NTA sign an agreement to set up a joint working committee to facilitate achieving this goal. Secretary of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee You Quan visits Macao, and meets with Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Edmund Ho Hau Wah and Chief Executive Chui Sai On, to exchange views on fostering Fujian-Macao cooperation.


The Judicial Police arrests two young men from Hong Kong aged 14 and 15 respectively, for being hired by a drug trafficking group to smuggle drugs into Macao. This is the first juvenile drug trafficking case detected in Macao.


To help small and medium-sized enterprises and nascent industries, the Financial Services Bureau increases profit tax allowance in the fiscal year from 300,000 patacas to 600,000 patacas, reducing the number of taxpayers from 44,819 to 1,911.


Chief Executive Chui Sai On departs for Beijing, to visit the State Oceanic Administration and the General Administration of Customs regarding Macao’s jurisdiction of customary waters and the new boundary-crossing arrangements. Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo Arrais do Rosario reveals that the Government is closely monitoring analyses of idle plots of land. After revoking land grants for 18 sites, five more cases of land grant revocation will be published in the Macao SAR Gazette shortly.


The Cultural Industries Fund announces details of the first batch of subsidies. It reveals that 321 valid applications were received, 86 projects were considered eligible for subsidies, and 73 projects will receive subsidies totalling 100 million patacas.


The Business Incubation Centre for Young People is launched, to provide young people in Macao with one-stop, diverse support services for entrepreneurship. The Court of Second Instance overturns an appeal regarding five plots of land owned by Chinese Estates Holdings Limited, which are implicated in the case regarding corruption by the former Secretary for Transport and Public Works Ao Man Long, and reaffirms the revoking of concession leases.


The flag at Government headquarters is flown at half-mast, for mourning the death of the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 8th NPC, Qiao Shi.


The Macao SAR Gazette publishes an executive order for granting of 4G mobile network licenses to four telecommunication operators. The licences are valid for eight years, and the operators have to start providing services within the year.


The Guangdong-Macao Cooperation Joint Conference 2015 is held. The two parties sign a total of eight cooperation agreements and memoranda. One of these agreements concerns a framework for promoting Macao’s financial resources for Guangdong-Macao cooperation projects, and reveals that the Government intends to allocate part of its financial reserve for major Guangdong-Macao cooperation projects.


On 26 June, the Government decides to suspend the Macao Residents Home Purchasing Plan, to allow a study on the feasibility of a new format for public housing.


Chief Executive Chui Sai On meets members of the consular corps of the European Union in Hong Kong and Macao, to exchange views on the socio-economic outlook for Europe and Macao.


The masterplan for the new urban area is completed. The Government conducts the third phase of public consultation, which lasts 40 days. The plan aims for the new urban area being able to accommodate a population of 162,000; and 54,000 residential units will be provided. On 24 July, the Government announces that the consultation period will be extended for 20 days. An unveiling ceremony is held for the Centre of International Co-operation and Exchange Platform of the Guangdong-Macao Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Industrial Park.