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The Macao Yearbook has been published by the Government Information Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) since 2002. It outlines major events, progress and changes made in the course of Macao’s political, economic, social and cultural development on a yearly and systematic basis, with the aim of promoting Macao and providing detailed information and data for all who wish to study and understand the territory.

Starting from 2016, the Chinese, Portuguese and English editions of the Macao Yearbook will no longer be available in print versions in response to the growing popularity of online reading and the need for environmental protection. The yearbook will now be available in digital version only.

The Macao Yearbook is divided into four sections: Administrative Priorities of the MSAR Government; Calendar of Events; Overview of the Macao SAR; and Appendices.

The Overview of the MSAR records the major changes and developments, as well as the key achievements in administrative, legislative and judicial areas in Macao during the previous year. Consisting of 15 chapters, it also presents information on the political and administrative system; legal and judicial system; external relations; economy; tourism; public order; education; culture and sport; health and social welfare; media, communications and information technology; land, infrastructure, housing and public utilities; transport; geography, environment and population; religion and customs; and history. In general, the Overview of the MSAR emphasises the presentation of information in a systematic and integrated manner.

Meanwhile the Appendices provide the following information: principal officials of the MSAR; members of the Executive Council and Legislative Assembly; directory of Government departments and agencies; representative offices of the Government Tourist Office; countries exercising consular jurisdiction in the MSAR; visa-free access for holders of MSAR passports and travel permits; countries/territories granted visa-free access by the MSAR; multilateral treaties applicable to the MSAR; decoration, medals and certificates of merit conferred by the MSAR; and major statistical data about the MSAR.

Figures and data cited by the Macao Yearbook mainly come from the Statistics and Census Service as well as other Government departments. The majority of figures correspond to year-end data, though some correspond to more up-to-date data according to the actual circumstances to improve the timeliness of the yearbook’s information.

The Macao Yearbook is published in three languages, namely Chinese, Portuguese and English. The Portuguese and English versions of the Macao Yearbook is translated and edited from the Chinese original.